Summer Schedules

Summer break will be here for our students before we know it, and one of the frequent questions I get from parents is “How do I keep them on a regular schedule at home?” Well, guess what? Those amazing visual schedules we use in the classroom can be just as helpful at home!

Of course, it is summer and our students deserve a break from academics. But it doesn’t hurt to send home a schedule that is similar to the one you use in your classroom to tide over your students during those extended breaks. Schedules can even include when the children will be eating lunch or have a doctor’s appointment.

Just as we adults rely on our iPhone reminders and Outlook calendars to remind us of important appointments during our days and weeks, the students we work with depend on schedules, too. If you have a student who greatly benefits from a visual schedule, definitely talk to his or her parent to create a summer visual schedule. Or you can check out Pinterest for lots of amazing examples that parents can implement at home — they may even decide to keep the schedules alive year-round!