Got some new acronyms for you — FSSA and VSSA

The GABSI teams across Georgia had a blast presenting at all of our sites this past October. It was awesome to collaborate, discuss our kids, and have some fun with all of the hard-working teachers out there.
Thanks to the Georgia Department of Education, each participant at our 5 sites received a copy of the book “Teaching Students With Classic Autism Functional Social Skills in Natural Settings: A Program Based on Individualized Comprehensive Assessment and Evidence-Based Practices” by S. J. Sheridan and D. E. Bahme. This spectacular resource included a tool called the Functional Social Skills Assessment. This assessment allows teachers to rank students in the following areas:
  • Ability to communicate effectively with communication partner
  • Understanding of the concept of friendship
  • Environmental regulation skills
  • Individual impulse control
  • Manners
  • Personal responsibility
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Play skills
  • Reads, interprets and responds to social cues
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Transitions
  • Willingness to do non-preferred things
After the assessment is complete, users can complete a Visual Social Skills Assessment using the information from the FSSA. By using colors that correspond to the areas of acquisition, fluency, maintenance, and generalization, this tool allows you to visually see the social skills areas where your student has room for growth. Check out the example of the VSSA below … with blue being acquisition, which areas do you think this student has room to grow in?
So you have this cool visual? What’s next? Well, the book “Teaching Students With Classic Autism Functional Social Skills in Natural Settings” has strategies for EACH of these areas. What’s even more awesome is that after you implement these strategies, you can complete the FSSA and VSSA again and can have some killer visual data for parents during IEP meetings.
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